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Mood Sandy beaches

4 natural tones

Find peace with these light shades, create space and let your project sparkle of purity.

Mood Mountain walk

6 grey tones

Colors that appear only in the most particular mountains, rough and at the same time complex. The tones of Mountain walk give your interior asound but timeless character.

Mood Autumn forest

3 earth tones

As seasons pass and leaves effloresce, we get back to the essentials in nature. Maroon and other earth tones annunciate the cozy winter evenings. The tinctures of Autumn forest reflect this comfortable and secure feeling.

Mood Nightfall

3 dark tones

Inspired by the contrast between day and night, the difference between time-bound and timeless and the prominent void of the night, we pooled the most exquisite dark shades.

Simulate your Shinnoki room

Discover some wonderful examples below. Choose one of three different rooms via the tool and simulate your favourite Shinnoki design. This way you can see what your new interior project could look like with Shinnoki panels.

Convinced of your photo-realistic design? Or do you want to render your favourite in your own design/project? Download them via the buttons at the bottom right of the tool.

1. Choose your setup

2. Choose your design

Mood Sandy beaches 1

Mood Mountain walk 2

Mood Autumn forest 3

Mood Nightfall 4

shinnoki natural oak 001 1590397108
shinnoki ivory oak 001 1590397102
shinnoki milk oak 001 1590397104
shinnoki chalk ash 001 1590397101
shinnoki desert oak 001 1590397104
shinnoki manhattan oak 001
shinnoki granite walnut 001
shinnoki dusk frake 001
shinnoki stone triba 001
shinnoki mineral triba 001
shinnoki frozen walnut 001
shinnoki cinnanon triba 001
shinnoki smoked walnut 001
shinnoki stardust walnut 001
shinnoki chocolate oak 001
shinnoki raven oak 001
shinnoki natural oak 002
shinnoki ivory oak 002
shinnoki chalk ash 002
shinnoki desert oak 002
shinnoki manhattan oak 002
shinnoki granite walnut 002
shinnoki dusk frake 002
shinnoki stone triba 002
shinnoki mineral triba 002
shinnoki frozen walnut 002
shinnoki cinnanon triba 002
shinnoki smoked walnut 002
shinnoki stardust walnut 002
shinnoki chocolate oak 002
shinnoki raven oak 002
shinnoki natural oak 003
shinnoki ivory oak 003
shinnoki milk oak 003
shinnoki chalk ash 003
shinnoki desert oak 003
shinnoki manhattan oak 003
shinnoki granite walnut 003
shinnoki dusk frake 003
shinnoki stone triba 003
shinnoki mineral triba 003
shinnoki frozen walnut 003 1590397270
shinnoki cinnanon triba 003
shinnoki smoked walnut 003
shinnoki stardust walnut 003
shinnoki chocolate oak 003
shinnoki raven oak 003

Do you want to render your own image?
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